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Three Unique Product Lines:
The "Classic Line", The Energy Saver "ES" Line and The "Speciality Line"

The "Energy Saver Line" has been designed with energy saving DC brushless motors. There are five "ES" models that are getting rave reviews on their energy efficiency compared to existing whole house fans.

These fans are also have the highest energy efficiency rating of all whole house fans listed on the California Department of Energy approved products list.

The new ES models are: QC ES-1250, QC ES-1700, QC ES-2000, QC ES-2850 and QC ES-5400. The motor housing is designed with a new, lightweight, ABS composite material.

compare whole house fansCompare Whole House Fans Energy Efficiency
The Classic Line features all of the standard single and dual fan systems.

The Speciality Line features Garage fans, Roof Fans & a Ceiling Mount Tandem Fan.

If you are interested in having your QuietCool fans professionally installed, we have a local installers that offers fast, professional and clean installations. With over 8 years of experience with installing QuietCool whole house fans.

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QuietCool Fan Products

The Most Quiet and Most Energy Efficient Fans available (U.S. Patent #7497774) Don't settle for good or better fans, when you can have the Best!
22 QuietCool Models To Fit Your Residential and Commercial Cooling Needs.....

New For 2013, three new models which include larger CFM fans, a lager dual motor classic fan and a dual motor ES fan. See the QC-4700, QC-6400 and the QC ES-5400 for details.

In 2012, the Roof Mounted Fans and Garage Fan Lines were improved. These lines are now manufactured with the same motors used in the "ES" Energy Saver Line, an American Made, AC/DC brush-less motor. These motors produce some of the most efficient CFM per Watt fans in the industry!

The QuietCool ES model fans are listed at the top of the CA Energy Commission, "Appliance Efficiency" list as the highest energy efficient fans available on the market today.

The new "Classic Line" features an new damper box that changes the location of the dampers from fan cylinder to the new damper box. This improvement will not only increase the R value, but the redesign reduces the length and weight of the fan motor cylinder thus making installation even easier.

whole house fan comparison - A Quick Review There are many reasons why QuietCool fans are the best choice compared to traditional whole house fans

belt driven whole house fan to QuietCool

    QuietCool Fans

    >Quietest Whole House Fans On The Planet!
    >Low Energy Usage (70-300 Watts)
    >Patented Brushless "Energy Saving" Motors
    >Innovative & Highly Insulated Damper System
    >10 Year Warranty, Maintenance Free System
    >No Custom Framing or Joist Cutting
    >Multiple Fan System Can Be Installed In Bedrooms
    >Made In The USA!

    Traditional Fans

    >Extremely High Noise Levels
    >Energy Inefficient Uses (300-500 Watts)
    >Older Design and Inefficient Motors
    >Unsealed Hole In Ceiling
    >Short Warranty Period,Periodic Belt Replacement
    >May Require Custom Framing or Joist Cutting
    >Too Loud For Sleeping, Watching TV Etc.
    >Normally Made Overseas

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Top Sellers - QC-3100, QC-4700, QC ES-5400 & QC-6400
Top Seller
SALE PRICE: $999.00

QC 4700 2 Speed Classic Line Fan
qc es-5400
Top Seller
SALE PRICE: $1,989.00

ES 5400 2 Speed Dual Motor Energy Saver
Top Seller
SALE PRICE: $1,399.00

QC 6400 2 Speed Classic Dual Motor Fan
qc hv1000
QC HV-1000
QC HV1000 Ceiling Mount 1,104 CFM Fan
qc 1200
(Replaced by QC ES-1250)
qc 1500
Classic QC-1500
1,527 CFM Fan
Classic QC-2250
2,463 CFM Fan
Top Seller

QuietCool QC-3100
3,190 CFM Fan
QC-4500B2012QC-4500 SALE PRICE: $1,239
Quiet Giant QC 4500
4,712 CFM Fan
QC ES-1250QC ES-1250SALE PRICE: $699
"Energy Saver Line" 1265 CFM Fan
QC ES-1700QC ES-1700SALE PRICE: $789
"Energy Saver Line" 1765 CFM Fan
QC ES-2000QC ES-2000SALE PRICE: $899
"Energy Saver Line" 2035 CFM Fan
QC ES-2850QC ES-2850SALE PRICE: $969
"Energy Saver Line" 2850 CFM Fan
afges1500QC AFGES1500SALE PRICE: $329
Attic Gable Fan "Energy Saver Line" 1560 CFM Fan
garage fanQC GAES1500SALE PRICE: $509
Garage Attic Fan "Energy Saver" 1452 CFM Fan
GX ES-1100GX ES-1100SALE PRICE: $469
Uses ES Motor-Garage Wall Fan 1224 CFM
RM 1500CRBRM ES-1100 /ES-2200 CRBSALE PRICE: From $549
Curb Roof Mount 1479 CFM Fan
RM 1500FLTRM ES-1100 /ES-2200 FLTSALE PRICE: From $529
Flat Roof Mount 1479 CFM Fan
RM 1500SLPRM ES-1100 /ES-2200 SLPSALE PRICE: From $629
Sloped Roof Mount 1479 CFM Fan
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healthy home
ventilation system Why Ventilation Is Important Effective ventilation is a process that keeps the air circulating and exchanges the over-heated and moisture-laden air in your house with cooler air from outside.

Most homes built today are sealed tight during the construction process and allow almost no air infiltration. This is efficient for heating and air-conditioning a home (heating and air-conditioning systems re-circulate the same old, inside air over and over again) but makes it all the more necessary to ventilate.

Without ventilation, moisture, cooking odors, tobacco smoke, and other foul-smelling odors are locked into the house and cannot escape.

Moisture in the air comes from everyday activities such as cooking, bathing, laundering, and even breathing. Moisture that is allowed to remain in a closed house can create many problems for the homeowner. The most serious is mold growth, which can seriously threaten the health of all the people in the house. Mildew is another problem, which is usually encountered around showers and laundry facilities. The moisture in these areas generally causes problems with peeling paint and wallpaper, but under the surface, structural damage may be taking place.

Moisture can also be present in the attic and this dampness can deteriorate the insulation and also cause structural damage.